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Guided tour


Guided tour

Audience: visitors of all ages.

Duration: 1 hour.

Description. The tour covers more than 130 years of automobile history, by the end of which an outlandish, bulky and exotic vehicle has become a safe, convenient and most common form of transportation. During the tour visitors will learn more about the real masterpieces of foreign and domestic automobile industries and see them with their own eyes, they will dive into the world of speed, see the government motorcade vehicles of different time periods and remember the cars that their parents and grandparents used to drive.

To book a tour call 8 (34368) 4-72-18 

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Guided tours are offered to organized groups (by appointment) and daily combined groups. 

Schedule of combined tours:

Tuesday - Friday

2 pm

Saturday - Sunday

12 pm, 4 pm

Tickets for combined tours can be purchased at the ticket counter in the museum.

Combined tour can be cancelled due to tour guides' availability. To find out availability for the next day call 8 (34368) 4-72-18.

Guided tour for children

Audience: children 5-8 years old.

Duration: 40-50 min.


Description. The UMMC Auto Museum offers themed guided tour with gameplay elements for all the curious boys and girls. Young adventurers are invited to dive into the mysterious world of retro cars! The grandparents of modern cars came together despite their old age. They are different, unusual, elegant and beautiful and they want to tell the children their fascinating stories, to introduce the young car enthusiasts to the ancestors of modern cars, to tell about the life of cars in the past, and to teach the auto language to the little researches.

A car in 100 years: auto history for school groups

Audience: children 9-16 years old.

Duration: 1 hour.

Description. This is a fascinating journey, during which the children will see retro cars and trucks, motorcycles and mopeds, minibuses and even race cars! A lively and vivid story of the automobile era is told around the museum's unique collection. It includes not only elegant, powerful and luxurious retro cars, but also colourful models from domestic auto manufacturers, that were once considered symbols of different eras.

Friends! Do you want to know what kind of "metal horses" your peers, Soviet boys, dreamed of? What is common between modern gas stations and 18th century pharmacies? What do the pedal cars look like and how are they operated? What did future auto sport legends trained on? How to play ball while riding a motorcycle? These and many other interesting questions will be answered by the tour guide during this unforgettable tour.